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Why kirnani Technologies

kirnani Technologies is the leading animation and computer education providers in india. The Institute has trained many students in last 4 years. Over the past 4 years, Kirnani Technologies has focused on providing quality education in Animation, VFX, Web Designing, Graphic Designing & Multimedia, Software Development, Industrial Project Training. Kirnani Technologies's students have got job placements in various companies as web designers, graphic designers, 3d modelers, roto artist, php web developer and many more job profiles.
If you are interested in animation or software industry and want to make a successfull career in these fields, then this is how Kirnani Technologies can help you:


Kirnani Technologies offers a wide range of career oriented courses suitable for students & working professionals with different fields including Designing, Animation and Software Industry. Course timings are flexible so that anyone can attend as per their convenience. Courses are offered in:

Software Development Courses

  • ASDCP - Advanced Software Development Certified Program
  • SDCP - Software Development Certified Program
  • GWDD - Graphic, Web Designing & Development
  • AAD - Android App Development
  • MWAD - Mobile & Web App Developemt
  • AWD - Advanced Website Development
  • WD - Website Development
  • SLP - Startup Language Program
  • BKP - Basic Language Program
  • ETP - Engineer Technology Program
  • Java Core & Java Advance
  • PHP Core & PHP Advance
  • CMS Management (Wordpress, Joomla)
  • Live Project Taining - PHP, ASP.NET, JAVA

Multimedia, Graphic & Web Designing Courses

  • GWDD - Graphic, Web Designing & Development
  • GWD - Graphic & Web Designing
  • GD - Graphic Designing
  • AWD - Advanced Website Development
  • WD - Website Development
  • DFD - Digital Fashion Designing

2D-3D Animation & VFX Courses

  • KTCAP - KT Certified Animation Program
  • GWDD - Graphic, Web Designing & Development
  • 3DAP - 3D Animation Program
  • VFX Pro - VFX Professional

Interior/Exterior Designing Course

  • A3DAD - Advanced 3D Architectural Designing
  • 3DAD - 3D Architectural Designing
  • Interior Designing (Residential & Commercial)


Kirnani Technologies faulties are trained professionals and certified to teach latest technologies and techniques in the animation & software industry.
Students always get an edge because of international level infrastructure and KT's Graphic & Web Production House. Students get classroom training as well as fully practical lab sessions where they can implement their creative ideas in the field of software & animation industry.

Kirnani Teechnologies centres have well-equipped animation and latest software labs with state-of-the-art technology that is used in the Animation & software industry. Library facility is also provided to stuents that is very beneficial to Students to learn new technology trends and be updated everytime.
View facilities, activities, admissions & job placements assistance offered at Kirnani Technologies:

Kirnani Technologies organizes many workshops, student competitions & other events such as the famous Creative Design, which help students meet & interact with industry professionals. Industry visits & other activities are also organized to ensure that students get required exposure and build job skills that will be useful in their career.

Courses Offered