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Java Live Project Training

Java is a programming language and computing platform released by Sun Microsystems. It is the underlying technology that powers state-of-the-art programs including utilities, games, and business applications. Java runs on more than 850 million personal computers worldwide, and on billions of devices worldwide, including mobile and TV devices.


Java 2 Enterprise Edition (J2EE) is a platform for building distributed scalable, platform independent server-side enterprise applications. Today, Java is one of the most mature and commonly used programming languages for building enterprise softwares. Java is providing enterprise solutions to small, medium and large enterprises throughout the world and is a leading player in mobile applications. The need of Java professionals is growing by the day, which is in itself a testimony to its success.

Purpose of Course

The purpose of the course is to train students of various Engineering branches, and MCAs in Server Side internet programming using the component based programming model of J2EE. The course is designed to give complete Knowledge of various component technologies of J2EE.
The most commonly used component technologies of J2EE that will be covered in the course are JDBC, Java Servlets, Java Server Pages, Enterprise Java Beans etc. apart from these students would be trained in the use of web servers and integrated development environments that are commonly used in the industries. An Major project would be undertaken during the course that would be completed by the students.

Scope of J2EE

Since its inception Java has revolutionized the internet by introducing the concepts of Applets, and after that it is leading the internet programming industry by introducing new technologies before any other even thinks them. J2EE is providing enterprise solutions of diverse nature and complexity in various fields such as telecom, banking, insurance, ecommerce etc. J2EE as a technology has stood the test of time and proved itself and its influence is growing by each passing day.
Currently a trend is initiated by giants like Microsoft to shift from window applications to web applications and web services which indicates a bright future for all technologies dealing in web applications and web services and J2EE is the front runner among them.
We are Ajmer based IT Company and Training Institute, provides Best Java Training in Ajmer, Rajasthan. We have years of experienced IT professional who provide Core Java Training, Advanced Java Training with Servlet, JSP, J2EE, J2ME and JDBC etc.

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