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Dot Net Live Project Training

Microsoft's is a server-side scripting technology. Dot Net is a platform to develop dynamic web pages. Dot NET is one of the most favorites programming frameworks in the web-development industry.


.NET is the model provided by Microsoft, which is Platform as well as Language Independent. Actually .NET contains three parts, first is language i.e. it may be VB, C#, or any other language, second is ASP .NET and third is ADO .NET. With the help of .NET, any type of programming like Windows Development, Web Development, Console Development, Protocols Development, Web Services, Mobile Programming etc. are possible. .NET is the only platform available in the market which is Language Independent.
Companies has a great demand of Language Independency today because different professionals have command in different languages and by using .NET modules, different languages can be interfaced.

Purpose of Course

Generally people have an idea in their mind that Microsoft .NET is designed for CS/IT/MCA students, but .NET not only work in high level, it depends on the user's requirements e.g. Complete low level programming (Port Programming) can be done trough .NET. This course is designed to give the complete knowledge of C#.Net, ASP.Net & ADO.Net. Also this course include Project Work, so that students after completing this course can develop their ideas according to their requirements and can work on Modular Approach of Programming in the company very easily.
Mainly the purpose of this course is to teach students about the development of Dynamic Websites. Also in our project work we have included a major project, which has a great demand in the market to make a company fully computerized.

Scope of .Net

As Microsoft .NET is the only platform available in the market, which is language independent, hence Dot Net has a great demand in the market today. In USA, maximum of the companies have already adopted Dot Net and in India also, this proportion is increasing day by day.
Actually, the main problem with students is that, if students work on a new technology today, then after completing their study, that technology become outdated, and a new technology is developed, but if we talk about .NET, then we can say that only 40% of the .NET model is completed, i.e. till now Dot Net not work on all the platforms and not all the languages have been included in .NET, then also .NET has a great demand in the market, and in few years when Microsoft .NET will be completed then what a demand it will have, we can easily think about it. Hence we can say that .NET has a very bright future.
We are Ajmer based IT Company, provides Best .Net Training in Ajmer, Rajasthan. We have years of experienced IT professional who provide .Net Training and all additional feature like Ajax, XML, WCF, WPF, Silverlight and ADO.Net etc.

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